Promoting your site with links

In our ever-evolving world, with an increasing number of different professional terms and phrases, there is the concept of link ranking. What does it show? You can learn more about this here: In short, the effect of a link that is placed on some other resource on your site. This figure is quite important in terms of promoting a website, as for browsers, the presence of links to your project on a third-party resource is a fairly objective assessment of the quality of work. This is a kind of recommendation, when one source shows confidence in another. In other words, this process can be called “citation.”

How does the promotion of your site with links work?

To test this method, substitute a link to the site from a third-party resource. In its description, substitute some set of letters or symbols. Do not write anything specific, because this is done as an experiment. An important condition – this resource should be indexed by search engines. When finished indexing the article, in the search box, enter the set of letters or symbols previously inserted in the description of the link. On the first lines will be the article with this link.

What else you need to know: 

  1. Keep in mind that the site will be ahead right away only if the set of letters and symbols entered has little popularity.
  2. If the issue contains high competition, breaking out on the first lines without promotion with links is impossible.
  3. The main problem is to get a sufficient number of links to your resource from popular sites with similar themes.

  1. When link promotion takes into account the age of the link. The older the link – the greater its authority.
  2. Search engine takes into account the theme and links. In the case of a link from the thematic site, the result is better.
  3. Also takes into account the quality of text that is near the link. For this reason they should try to fit the context.
  4. Also an important indicator – the index of site quality. The higher it is, the higher the effectiveness.
  5. If you collect an obscenely large number of links from unpopular and little-known sites, together they can replace only one link from a site with a high quality index. Many dishonest website owners who own thousands of abandoned resources insert their links into these resources through special programs. This method of promotion has a risk of getting the promotion product under the filters, which makes it difficult for its further development.